# Configuration

# Config File

There are two different configuration files, one is for Hexo itself and one for the theme.

. # Hexo project root.
├─ _config.yml # Hexo config file.
└─ _config.aurora.yml # Theme config file.


Most feature of the theme is configured using the theme config file, except for those that require Hexo plugin's support.

# Site Configs

The main settings of the blog is configured with the site config, it can be used to configure the main information and settings of your blog.

The site config has the following options:

OptionsAccepted TypesUsages
subtitleStringBlog title, will be displayed after the current page title.
authorStringAuthor of the blog, will be displayed in the top header logo area, also in the profile widget.
nickStringSub header for the author, will be displayed below the author name in the logo area.
descriptionStringUsed in the profile section, a few sentences to describe what you do or who you are. (Support HTML tags)
languageen, cnSetting the default locale of your blog.
multi_languagetrue, falseEnabling the blog to have multi-language switching ability.
logoStringLink to your logo image.
avatarStringLink to your avatar image.
beianObjectChina website BeiAn information. (Since version 1.1.0, this had changed to have 2 properties.)


If you did not set an avatar url, the logo's url will be used instead.

# Beian Options

OptionsAccepted TypesUsages
numberStringBeian number.
linkStringBeian link.

# Police Beian Options

OptionsAccepted TypesUsages
numberStringBeian number.
linkStringBeian link.

# Config Example

# Site Config
  subtitle: TriDiamond's Blog
  author: TriDiamond
  nick: Frontend
  description: Seeking to deliver efficient and high quality programs. <br/> Senior Frontend Engineer
  language: en
  multi_language: true
  logo: https://image-website.com/path-to-image.jpg
  avatar: https://image-website.com/path-to-image.jpg
  beian: # Can leave number and link blank if you don't need this.
    number: "123123123123"
    link: 'https://link-to-beian.com'
    number: "123123123123"
    link: 'https://link-to-police-beian.com'

# Feature Article

Aurora theme has feature article in the home page, articles can be set to display in the feature section.

To set an article to display in the feature section, you simply add a feature: true property to the Front-Meta.

For example:

title: Article Title
date: 2020-08-15 18:49:36
  - Tag
  - Cate
cover: https://cover.png
feature: true