# Page

Any custom pages created on Hexo can be added to the theme navigation easily in Aurora.

# Creating a page

Creating a page is easy with Hexo, basically you just need to add a index.md file in the source/ folder or use the Hexo add command.

For example you want to add a Message Board page. All you have to do is run a Hexo command:

hexo new page message-board

Now you would have this:

└── source
    └── message-board # Generated page folder
        └── index.md # Auto generated index.md file


If you see this, that means your page had successfully created.

# Creating the about page

The theme enables about page by default, therefore we should create it before using the theme.

To create a default about page, use the following Hexo command:

hexo create page about

After that, you will see a new folder had been created:

└── source
    └── about
        └── index.md

You can feel free to edit the markdown file inside the about/ folder, the content will be displayed in your about page.

# Configure the menu

You need to configure the menu config to include it in the navigation.

Open the theme configuration file at _config.aurora.yml, and config the page like so:

  About: true
  Tags: true
  Archives: true
  # Custom menus
    name: 'MessageBoard'
      cn: '留言板'
      en: 'Message Board'
    path: '/page/message-board'


First you need to set the following attributes:

nameName of the menu for this page. (Used identify this route, make sure it's unique.)
i18ni18n menu option, check out i18n menu for more usage detail.
pathFor custom page, here you need to use the template like this /page/[page-folder-name]


If you have multiple pages, you want to group the page into a sub-navigation. Then you can config it like this.

  About: true
  Tags: true
  Archives: true
  # Custom menus
    name: 'Top Menu'
        name: 'Page 1'
        path: '/page/page-1'
        name: 'Page 2'
        path: '/page/page-2'
        name: 'Page 3'
        path: '/page/page-3'