# Theme

Aurora's theme options can also be customized in the configuration file.


# Dark Mode

The theme's default mode is set to adapt to the system's mode.

By changing the dark_mode property in the configuration, you could specify the mode you want.

trueForce default to be dark-mode
falseForce default to be light-mode
'auto'Adapt to system's mode

For example, you could set the theme's default mode to be dark-mode by doing this:

  dark_mode: true


# Profile Avatar

You can also custom the shape of the profile avatar by changing the profile_shape property in the configuration.

This property has the following options:


# Gradient Colour

A gradient is used across the theme, which consist of 3 main colours. These 3 colours can be configured in the theme option like so:

  # Gradient colors used for the theme
  # This consist of 3 gradient colors
  # each can be customized
    color_1: '#24c6dc'
    color_2: '#5433ff'
    color_3: '#ff0099'


# Feature Layout

Feature layout is a section where you display specially selected articles to your visitor on your home page.

This section can display three feature articles at a time. The generation engine will choose the three latest articles that use the feature: true in the Front-Meta of your article markdown file.

By default, the theme will enable feature layout. You can also turn it off using the feature property in your _config.aurora.yml configuration file.

  dark_mode: true
  profile_shape: diamond
  feature: true



If the feature section will display three feature articles, when I only applied 2 of my articles as feature articles, what will happen?

Good question!, if you applied less than 3 feature articles, the theme generator will pick up the latest articles to fill into the feature sections. It will also make sure it always has 3 feature articles for display!


Oh, I see. Wait!? You said: "Always have 3 feature articles.". What if I only have 2 articles in my blog. Then how are you going to get 3 feature articles?

No worries! The Aurora engine had taken care of that too. If the engine could not get enough articles to fill up to 3 feature articles, the "Feature Layout" will automatically change to Pinned Layout instead.

# Pinned Layout

The "Pinned Layout" can be enabled by setting the feature property to false in the _config.aurora.yml configuration file

  dark_mode: true
  profile_shape: diamond
  feature: false


Setting feature to false will force the theme to use Pinned Layout.


After changing the feature you will need to re-run hexo cl & hexo g to take effect.