Hexo Aurora

Hexo Aurora

Futuristic auroral theme for Hexo

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Elegant UI

Main design concept of the theme is base on the trending "Aurora UI".


Enjoy the lightning fast SPA built by vue3, UI is much more elegant and user friendly.


With the boost performance by Vue3, whole blog's performance had being lifted.

Aurora is a next generation theme using Aurora colours and UI elements. It give you the feel of smooth flow of colours and a futuristic feeling.

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# What's in Aurora?

Let's us take a look at the feature list and plans for Aurora:

# ⭐️ Features

  • NEW Install with NPM/Yarn - Can simply install the theme with NPM or Yarn.
  • Featured section - Can add a feature meta to any post, those will be pinned into the feature section on the home page.
  • Multi-language support - Can dynamically switch the language of the main texts in the application.
  • Statistics - Statistic of article words, posts, categories and tags counts.
  • Article reading time - Show the estimated reading time of an article.
  • Mathjax support - Support mathjax syntax in markdown files.
  • SPA - No page loading or freezing from page to page.
  • Comment plugins - Support the using Gitalk or Valine plugins
  • Comment plugins - Support the using Gitalk or Valine plugins
  • Blog search - Enable to search all the articles in the blog.
  • Latest comments - Added a widget showing the latest comments, supported using Gitalk or Valine.

# 🎨 Theme

  • Light and dark - Light and dark theme support.
  • Magazine Layout - Modern magazine grid layout.
  • Gradient Colours - Modern gradient colour styles.
  • Timeline styled archives - Archived posts into a timeline format.

# 🛠 Configuration

  • Beian Config - This feature is especially for China users, for those that need to put Beian info at the footer of the blog.
  • Customizable menu - Can customize your menu with internal links, external links, custom pages.
  • Post navigation - Can navigate to the previous and next article at the end of the article page.
  • Custom pages - Can add any custom pages, need to use the customized menu to display in the menu.
  • Page navbar - Can set up a sidebar on the specific page, act as the sub-menu of the page.

# What is yet to come?

Everything listed here are currently under development.

  • WIP Related posts - _Show a list of the related posts at the end of an article. _

# What might be coming?

What Aurora might add in the future.

  • Image Gallery - Adding an image gallery page.
  • Links of friends - Allow you to list all your friends' blogs.
  • Tweeting - Allow posting tweets like tweeter for you and your visitors.

Will host voting events in Discordopen in new window from time to time. You are welcome to come build Aurora together!